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74% of Referral Sources Prefer Home-Based Care Providers That Meet Interoperability Standards

When it comes to interoperability, 74% of referral sources say they would send more referrals to post-acute care providers — including home-based care agencies — that offer greater electronic data access.

Broadly, interoperability is the capability of different information systems to connect across organizations in order to exchange individual or population health data.

Home-based care providers have long held a reputation for being archaic when it comes to their interoperability efforts — relying on outdated processes such as fax machines and phone calls.

Meeting basic maturity standards means the ability to receive patient demographic data and clinical information, such as diagnosis codes and allergies, electronically, otherwise, there would not be enough information to help a care provider treat a patient, understand their complex needs or claim reimbursement for working with them.

In order to reach high-performing mature interoperability, providers need to be able to receive physician orders, patient forms and visit notes, medication information and patient status updates.

As referral sources grow more demanding, providers that don’t prioritize meeting these could lose business. Either agencies begin to take advantage of these opportunities to connect, or other groups that they compete with are going to get there first.

Adwa Home Care have sensed the importance of collecting data quickly and integrate data from different kinds of resouces into management many years ago. Not only it makes the communication with clients and employees much faster and easier, it also makes referral from outside sources more convenient and accurate.

Famakinwa, J. (2021, March 08). 74% of referral Sources PREFER HOME-BASED care providers that MEET interoperability standards. Retrieved March 30, 2021, from https://homehealthcarenews.com/2021/03/74-of-referral-sources-prefer-home-based-care-providers-that-meet-interoperability-standards/
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